Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Battles

I've lined up some nifty games for today since I am off work due to Presidents Day (lucky me). First, it's lunch at the Freestate Brewery here in Lawrence. Then, my first game will be vs the new Necrons. This will be the first outing for my orks against the new tin 'eads.

I still have flashbacks of playing the necrons ion 3rd edition and getting the tar beaten out of my boyz. I hope the greenskins are up to the challenge today.

Second game, I'm playing a big 2250 pt mega game against my most frequent opponent with the Blood Angels. I haven't gotten around to posting about the game we played on Saturday in which the kannon on my wagon took down the storm raven with the first shot of the first turn - EPIC! Here's a taste from the  small number of pics I took. Ghaz is mixing it up with the death guard...

Anyway, after the games, I'll be headed to the bowling alley for some beers... and bowling. I actually own a bowling ball in spite of the fact that I am a terrible bowler. I dug it out of the dim recesses of the garage this morning and I am ready to roll!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Halftrakk (Trukk)

I wanted to build an ork trukk that mimicked a WWII halftrack. I stole the worky bits off a model kit, repurposed an older Gorkamorka trukk, raided my bits box and here is the result!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game Over!

After Ghaz kills Eldrad, the dies to shuriken fire, the game ends. We tied table quarters, so it goes to kill points. Orks down 9, Eldar down 5 - Eldar win! I'll get him next time. This was a great game.

The Avatar spots Ghaz!

Face off.

The Meganobz face off against the only banshee that survived the wrath of their Shoota skorchas...


After the Eldar tank drives the grots off the board, the lootas blow it to smithereens with a hail of dakka.

Is that tank coming THIS way?

The cowardly grots are driven from the table by a well times tank shock.

Snikrot and Ghaz arrive!

Finally on turn 3 Snikrot and the Kommandos arrive with Ghaz in tow...

The boyz close in...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Commence Krumpin'

See that seer council? The just squad-wiped 20 stormboyz with template weapons- ouch!

In return, the Shoota boyz assaulted and blew up a wave serpent. In proper orky fashion, 8 orks died in the resulting explosion.

Koptas line up and hit the gas

I can see the targets from here, but those guardians keep me away...

Eldar Deployment

The panzies deployed in a tight formation, effectively bubble wrapping the wave serpents.

To top it off, the Eldar seized the initiative! That makes two weeks in a row!

Orks Vs Eldar

Tonight's main event pitted my orks against Bill's Eldar. I rolled high and deployed first. My kopta gunned their engines waiting for a chance to buzzsaw enemy tanks.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Removable Buzzsaws

New Deffkoptas

I recently completed two new Deffkoptas. I drilled holes in the front for rare earth magnets so that I can add removable buzzsaws.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Trukk!

I've been thinking about modifying my trukk for a while. I wanted to create the look of a canvas topper, but wasn't sure how to proceed.

I tried this before using cotton fabric and failed. It wrinkled unrealistically and did not take paint the way I wanted.

This time, I used coffee filters and it worked great! I cut the filters into strips about an inch and a half wide, then soaked them in diluted Elmers glue. Once they were infused with glue, I wrapped them across a grid of bailing wire supports I had pinned to the frame of the trukk. Once the glue had dried, I basecoated the cover in dark tan and then highlighted with bleached bone. The addition of a couple of decals completed the look.

I also had to cut some plastic from the side guards to cover the front exits.

Let me know what you think!

Game over!

My last kopta that had been broken rallies and rushes the enemy librarian. This didn't end well for the kopta.

The strormraven was brought down by a lucky Rokkit shot from the Shoota boys.

However, my opponent conceded the game following this turn as the loss of the dev squad, the stormraven and the combined with heavy losses to the assault marine units left him unable to effectively contest the objectives.

Until next time...

Ghaz Attacks!

Ghaz makes short work of the dev squad, but fails to finish them off.

The stormboyz strike!

After taking casualties from stern guard special ammunition, the stormboyz engaged their jumppacks and tore into the marines with a vengeance.

The marines roll on...

Stern guard arrive on my left flak and assault marines pull up all along the opposite board edge.

The trukk was used anyway...

After weathering a torrent of enemy fire from all directions including over 21 wounds from the dev squad, the Trukk was nothing but a debris-strew crater and the nobs mob was at half strength. But... Ghaz was still alive and he was ready to test his power klaw on marine armor.

Trukkload of Trouble

On my turn 2, Ghaz and the nobz mob show up in their hit rod trukk. Wasting no time, they put the pedal to the metal and speeded across the board toward the distant dev squad.

The Stormraven arrives

On turn two, the blood angel air support arrives and takes aim at the koptas. Lucky saves on my part meant I had one Kopta left in the unit when the guns fell silent, but he was falling back.

Who's that over there? Never mind , just shoot em!

My first mob of lootas took aim at the distant devastator squad and cut loose. Unfortunately, the bullets all bounced.

Turn 1

After losing a few boys to fire from the predator, the Shoota boys advanced on the central objective and the objective located in other quarter on my table edge. The predator was first immobilized by rokkit fire from the shootas, then polished off by a buzzsaw kopter.

Koptas racing in...

Closing in...

Scout Moves...

The marines set up a all plasma cannon dev squad in the far corner along with a scouting predator. His assault squads in razorbacks were left in reserve.

The he rushed the tank on my right flank in the scout move and I turbo boosted my kopta units to get a jump on the predator and a rifleman dreadnought in his backfield.


We were playing a Nova Open scenario with spearhead deployment. I won the die roll and set up first. I set up the buzzsaw koptas as far forward as possible in order to maximize my chances of a first turn assault on enemy transports. Little did I know that a 6 on the seize roll by my opponent would change my plans...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Night Mayhem

Tonight's main event was 1850 Orks. vs Matt's Blood Angels. This game was the first outing for my storm boys and my nobs mob.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hold still you git!

The witches held up my Deff dread for too long. I ended up conceding the game after 4 turns. The game took a great deal longer than I had anticipated (over 3 hours for an 1850 game). There were many combats and loads of dice on both sides that slowed the pace to a crawl....

Still, I had a good time and I hope to play the DE again.

Funny thing about the witches, that darn net makes my deff dread lose an attack! 

The Deffkoptas arrive!

The Warphead leads the sluggas to their doom...

Scratch two transports.

OK, I managed to knock out the DE transports, but the witches inside ended up tying up my Deff dread for the rest of the game.

The Kannons line up..,

My kannons hit less than 1 time in 3 that game... some cross eyed grots are destined to become ammo for the Shokk Attack Gun.

Battle Vs Dark Eldar

So, I had a chance to play my friend Jordan's DE. Nearly the whole army has FNP, so I knew it would be an uphill struggle.