Wednesday, April 17, 2013

40K Tournament At Tabletop Game and Hobby in KC

I recently attended a Warhammer 40K tournament put on at Tabletop Game and Hobby.  I was pleasantly surprised by the set up.  I had a terrific time and I wanted to take a few moments to explain some of the unique approaches that the proprietor, Phil, took that I though made this a great event.

Prizes were awarded for best painted, best general and best sportsman. What makes this tournament so different is that these prizes consisted of nifty medals rather than the typical store credit I am used to seeing. Store credit prizes were distributed liberally among all participants via random drawings. As such, many participants got their entry fee back in prize support.

I found all of my games quite enjoyable. If "that guy" was present, I certainly didn't run into him.I think that the way Phil chose to distribute prizes had a great deal to do with his absence.

The sole critique I would offer is that it was disappointing to see several unpainted and partially painted armies being fielded. Although, to be fair, I was never paired against any of them with my painted orks.

Overall, I was exceptionally pleased with the format and I intend to return to Tabletop at the next opportunity when they have another 40K event.