Monday, February 21, 2011

Batter up!

The giant steps up the take a swing at the dragon.

The elven dragon rider strikes

Strikes out that is.... The trolls make their saves.

The elf wizard comes to the rescue

The elven wizard casts a spell successfully routing the Orc boarboyz, thus saving the chariots, for now.

Elven archers open fire.

Advancing in the center, the elven archers open fire.

Disaster on the left flank

After driving back the Orc cavalry, the elven chariots are left at the mercy of the Orc boarboyz and commander on wyvern when the elf general blows his order roll.

Spearman charge

The elven spearman charge the goblin cavalry on the right flank.

Cavalry melee on the left flank

Losses mount as the battle for the left proceeds.

Two birds with one stone...

The right flank suffers a blow from the Orc and goblin cavalry.

More charges on the right flank

The high elf cavalry accepts a charge by goblin chariots and Orc boarboyz as the eagles look on.

The Orc General

The Orc commander on wyvern joins the fight with the elven cavalry.

Black orcs advance

The back orcs advance over the hill on the elves right flank.

First Blood

Orc and goblin cavalry hits the high elf line.

The orcs advance...

Better warm up those bolt throated, here they come...


The giant is taking a coffee break while the orcs and goblins advance.

Warmaster Terrain

Check the custom made modular table!


I'm watching a great game of Warmaster this morning. I've never had the chance to observe this game until today.