Thursday, January 19, 2012

40k 6th Edition Leak

So I happened to lay my hands on the alleged 6th edition rules for WH40k.

I've read through then a few times now and I am hopeful that these truly represent the rules Games Workshop is working on.

I am very pleased with the changes in general. I believe that the changes to assault will add tactical depth to the game. The ability to get the jump on an opponent who is locked in combat will make for some very nifty ambushes.

The reduction of due rolls will also tend to speed things up tremendously.

Here's hoping these rules are the real McCoy...

New Mega Boss!

I recently picked up a Ghaz model in order to convert a new warboss in Mega Armour. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the Shoota to hold a magnet to which I can attach a combi-Skorcha.

I also green stuffed a peak hat and added an exhaust port and boss pole on the back.