Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orks Vs. Grey Knights Part Deux

Back on President's Day, I suffered an inglorious defeat at the hands of a Grey Knights paladin list. I just couldn't get any traction. I need to get a handle on that army as I fully expect to see several GK players at the Bugeater GT in June.

So, I agreed to face down a Grey Knight Paladin list again on Monday evening. Even though I didn't win, I felt much better about my chances when the game was over. I used a mostly mounted force of orks including 2 battlewagons, three rokkit buggies, 3 kans, a deff dread, two trukks and three zzap guns. The loss of one too many kill points  (in this case a ill-fated deff kopta) lost me the game.

Even if I can't beat the paladins toe to toe, I can still win if I can contain them. In my case, that means throwing cheap vehicles at them to bog them down.

I still have a long way to go to get ready for the tournament. I recognize that I haven't really taken sufficient time to master the rules, in spite of the fact that I have been playing regularly for over a year.

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