Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ultramarines Vs. Tau

I finally got around to actually playing a game with my Ultramarine army on Monday night.

I've had them painted up for quite some time, but had never fielded them myself.

My opponent in this game was my friend Matt and his Tau.

We rolled the mission and deployment and ended up playing short board edges with a relic objective in the center of the table.

I had second turn this game. The first couple of turns saw the Tau gradually chew up my vehicles, including a storm talon. I was able to drive him off the objective, but by the time I did so, all troops were dead.

The vindicator, the deadnought and the rhinos were all but worthless in this battle. None of them did so much as a single casualty.

My sternguard deployed in a pod on my first turn and took out one unit of broadsides. Then they were whittled down by he enemy force commander and a bunch of fire warrior shooting.

I had a good time playing in spite if the crushing loss I suffered. Knowing neither my army, nor he Tau proved too much of a barrier for me to deliver a competent performance.

At the end of the game. We discussed what I could have done differently.

Here are a few of the conclusions we reached:

1. Prioritize killing the pathfinders and any other unit with marker lights.

2. Add a heavy flamer or two to the sternguard unit.

3. Add a librarian for some psychic powers to complement my army.

4. Taking heavy armor against rail guns is sub optimal. (I can't bear to give up my rhinos though).

I am pleased with the overall performance if the storm talon, even though it died. I expect it will make it into any lust I end up putting together.

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